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After the Chase Dunkees original painting with frame.

After the Chase Dunkees original painting with frame.

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After the Chase is an acrylic painting done on wood. Custom frame included.  Painting is 16" x 26". With frame total size is 24" x 36".

With this painting I wanted to capture the feeling you have after you have caught whatever you are chasing. You may have dedicated your whole life to a goal only realizing all the thing you have lost after you have accomplished that goal. 

I chose to use Wile E Coyote, Elmer Fudd, and Tom because they are the ultimate example of someone dedicating their whole like to something. Now that they have caught their pray and eat it, the reality of life from now on sets in.

Tom realized that he lives in a big empty house and chasing Jerry was his purpose, the meaning for his existence. He is consumed with thoughts of what to do now.

Elmer doesn't even know if he has been chasing the same rabbit or the offspring. He realizes that he is now so old with no one in his life. Just his gun and a skull of a bunny. 

Wile E has it the worst of them all. He is now thinking about all the money debt he is in from buying up all those bombs and traps. 

Our passions consume us. Some blind us to the whole life around us. It's important to have balance in life. 

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